Samyak Digital Summer Camp Jaipur

Samyak Digital Summer Camp Jaipur

Every year SAMYAK organizes a wide range of educational and Co – curricular activities ranging from mega summer camps to developmental seminars and workshops.

The Summer Camp 2016 aim’s at addressing over 5,000 people that includes students and youth majorly, besides active men and women, aware youth, active men and women through its short term educational and personality enhancing courses. SAMYAK Digital summer camp is a wonderful platform in reaching out to those who really matter in shaping up a better Nation, a better tomorrow. SAMYAK believes that the world steps aside for the one who knows where the future lies and personality enhancing courses.

Samyak Digital Summer Camp Jaipur – Courses :

  1. Robotics for Kids
  2. Robotics for Teens
  3. Robotics for Adult
    Samyak Digital Summer Camp Jaipur

    Samyak Digital Summer Camp Jaipur

  4. MS Office (Word / Excel / PowerPoint) with Microsoft Certification
  5. Ethical Hacking for Juniors
  6. Ethical Hacking for Seniors
  7. Web Designing Junior
  8. Web Designing Senior
  9. Adobe Photoshop with Adobe Certification
  10. Corel Draw
  11. Adobe Illustrator
  12. Spoken English
  13. RS-CIT (A Rajasthan Govt Course by RKCL)
  14. AutoCAD with 3D
  15. RS-CFA ( A Rajasthan Govt Course by RKCL)
  16. Tally
  17. Jewellery Designing (Rhino 3D)
  18. Diploma in Basic Computers
  19. Diploma in Computer Hardware (A+ Equivalent)
  20. C, C++, Java, PHP , Android, iPhone
Robotics and Embedded Systems Course

Using this Robotics curriculum, student will:

  • Build an understanding of basic science concepts related to robotics
  • Apply the processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design
  • Build skills in science, engineering and technology
  • Use the tools of technology to enhance their learning
  • Explore related careers in these fields
  • Apply the skills and knowledge they are developing to new challenges.

Robokids ( Upto 14 years)

This workshop will provide school students a base to RoboKids. They will learn to control the robots using normal electrical concepts. They will be developing their own models by their own hands. These projects focus on developing robots using common sense and switches. The workshop focuses on application and use of technology rather than their internal working so that a person can grasp the concepts well.

RoboTeens (14 – 18 Years)

This RoboTeen Course will provide school students a base to Robotics. In this workshop, the students will gain hands-on experience on the wireless Technology i.e. Radio Frequency Control. Most of the toys are now days implementing this technology just for fun. This workshop will guide the students to use the technology in the productive manner. They can build their very own custom instructions for the Robot.

Samyak Digital Summer Camp Jaipur

Samyak Digital Summer Camp Jaipur

Certifications & Affiliations



• Registered LLC Company in Florida, USA
• Presence in Dubai & Many States / Cities across India.
• An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
• GOOGLE & HP Certification Partner
• Authorized Tally Institution of Learning from Tally Company (HO)
• Authorized Microsoft, AutoDesk, Adobe, Apple, EC-Council & Unity Testing & Certification Partner
• Pearson Testing Centre – Oracle, Cisco, Salesforce, AWS, RedHat & ALL IT Giant’s Certification Partner.
• 17+ Branches Worldwide & Growing ...
• Dedicated IT team of 200+ working on International Level Projects

International CERTIFICATIONS with Live Projects

• Samyak believes in employability and hence Samyak provides training with less theory and more of Practical work.

• Course modules are prepared by Expert IT Professionals & HR.

• 100% Placement Assistance. We have good track record of placements.

• Samyak has 450+ Computers, Switches, Routers, PLCs, Hardware and Software AND has enormous in-house projects to support the project based training.

• Being in multiple locations across the Globe, Samyak allows students to take transfer in needed circumstances.

• Highest Rating ( Google, Facebook, Justdial & Others) & Global Rewards in Education Sector.

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