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RHCSA Certification Training Course


2.5 Months including Lab


Undergraduates, Graduates
Job Aspirants


Server, Networking

Deep Dive into RHCSA Certification Training Course

  • Get Started with the GNOME Graphical Desktop: Introduction of GNOME graphical environment and edit text files with gedit
  • Manage Files Graphically with Nautilus: Manage files graphically and access remote systems with Nautilus
  • Get Help in a Graphical Environment: Access documentation, both locally and online
  • Configure Local Services: Configure the date and time and configure a printer
  • Manage Physical Storage I: Understand basic disk concepts and manage system disks
  • Manage Logical Volumes: Understand logical volume concepts and manage logical volumes
  • Monitor System Resources: Manage CPU, memory, and disk utilization
  • Manage System Software: Manage system software locally and using Red Hat Network (RHN)
  • Get Started with Bash: Understand basic shell concepts
  • Get Help in a Textual Environment: Execute simple commands, and use basic job control techniques Use man and info pages and find documentation in /usr/share/doc
  • Establish Network Connectivity: Understand basic network concepts; configure, manage, and test network settings
  • Administer Users and Groups: Manage users and groups Understand Linux file system hierarchy and pathnames
  • Manage Files from the Command Line: Manage files from the command line
  • Secure Linux File Access: Understand Linux file access mechanisms; manage file access from the GUI and the command line
  • Administer Remote Systems: Share and connect to a desktop; use SSH and rsync
  • Configure General Services: Manage services configure SSH and remote desktops
  • Manage Physical Storage II: Manage file system attributes and swap space
  • Install Linux Graphically: Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux and configure the system with first boot
  • Control the Boot Process: Understand run levels and manage GRUB
  • Deploy File Sharing Services: Deploy an FTP server and a web server
  • Manage Virtual Machines: Understand basic virtualization concepts; install and manage virtual machines
  • Secure Network Services: Manage a firewall; understand SELinux concepts and manage SELinux

Targeted International Certifications After this Course

Microsoft Technology Associate  (MTA) Certifications are accepted globally and will help anyone to standout from the crowd. Every student completing this course from Samyak is entitled for MTA certification by default.

Samyak IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and has international level acceptance for its certifications. Students from Samyak are given preference in placements as they have proper hands on job related knowledge already, that any industry needs these days.


8678 SAMYAKites making waves in the industry.

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