Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course

Big Data is the amount of data that cannot fit into the memory of a single computer system. With each passing day, Big data is growing bigger, is more difficult to make sense of, is being generated at a much faster rate and this trend is only going to intensify in our data-driven digital world.

Companies of all shapes and sizes have been getting to grips with new ways of handling the incredible volume of information that is becoming available to us every day with Big Data Hadoop.

For example, users of Facebook upload around one billion pieces of content to the social network site every day. In industry, machinery and vehicles are fitted with sensors and trackers that record their every move, and whenever we call a call centre, an audio recording of our conversation is made, and stored in a huge digital database. Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course help you elaborate these.

In addition, whenever we go online (as most of us increasingly do for a number of reasons – shopping, socialising, making travel arrangements) we leave behind a digital footprint – a record of websites we visit, products viewed, even how long we leave the mouse cursor over certain areas of the screen, in some circumstances.

We collectively refer to both these huge datasets we are building i.e. Big Data Hadoop, and the practice of interpreting, analysing and acting upon insights gleaned from this information, as “big data” – and it is changing the world we live in.

But Big Data Hadoop is not just for the big boys, it matters to every company – no matter how small or traditional. To cater for this huge demand many companies have sprung up to offer services to other businesses, enabling them to launch big data initiatives of their own. In other words, to leverage the information they have available to improve effectiveness and efficiencies in their business, and ultimately increase profits.Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course help you learn all these in detail.

A lot of the software and analytics tools needed to carry out big data Hadoop analysis are built on open source principles – meaning they are essentially in the public domain and free for anyone to use for any purpose.

For example, Big Data Hadoop is a framework – a collection of software tools and applications – designed to allow organizations of any size to store and analyze huge amounts of information. It is designed to run on cheap, commonly-available hardware rather than expensive, specialist equipment that would previously have been necessary.

Companies including Amazon, Google, IBM, HP, as well as newer names such as Hortonworks, MapR and Cloudera offer big data solutions and support, as well as tailored versions of the free products, designed to work out-of-the-box and with less complex setup requirements. This also enables companies to minimise infrastructure investments or avoided completely by using cloud-based storage and analysis tools that can be rented when needed.

Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course is best designed to suit your needs and customized for everyone.


2.5 Months including Lab


Undergraduates, Graduates
Job Aspirants


Data Analytics Basic


Benefits of Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course



Hadoop has the ability to store as well as process bulks of data in any format. With data volumes going larger day by day with the evolution of social media, considering this technology is really, really important.

Unmatched computing power: The distributed computing model of Hadoop processes big data in a fast pace. The more computing nodes, the more processing power.

Effective fault tolerance: There is no need to panic in hardware failure as Hadoop has the facility to protect data and applications. In case a node fails, jobs are automatically redirected to other nodes hence no obstruction in distributed computing. It also stores multiple copies of data.

Superb flexibility: There is no need to preprocess data before its storage just you used to do in conventional relational databases. You can store as much data as you want and use it later. Unstructured, text, images and videos can also be stored easily.

Scalability: By adding nodes you can enhance your system to handle more data. There is no need to be a pro in system administration.

Affordable: As the open source network is free, it uses commodity hardware for the storage of large data.


Deep Dive into Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course

1.The Motivation & Limitation for Hadoop

  • Problems with TraditionalLarge-Scale Systems
  • Why Hadoop&Hadoop Fundamental Concepts
  • History of Hadoop with Hadoopable problems
  • Motivation & Limitation of Hadoop
  • Available version Hadoop 1.x & 2.x
  • Available Distributions of Hadoop (Cloudera, Hortonworks)
  • Hadoop Projects & Components
  • The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

2.Hadoop Ecosystem& Cluster
Hadoop Ecosystem projects & Components overview 

  • HDFS – File System
  •  HBase – The Hadoop Database
  •  Cassandra – No-SQL Database
  •  Hive – SQL Engine
  • Mahout

Hadoop Architecture overview Cluster Daemons&Its Functions

  •  Name Node
  •  Secondary Node
  •  Data Nodes

3. Planning Hadoop Cluster& Initial Configuration

  • General Planning Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Hardware
  • Network Considerations
  • Configuring Nodes
  • Planning for Cluster & Its Management
  • Types of Deployment
  • Cloudera Manager

4. Installation &Deployment of Hadoop

  • Installing Hadoop (Cloudera)
  • Installation – Pig, Hive, HBase, Cassandra etc
  • Specifying the Hadoop Configuration
  • Performing Initial HDFS Configuration
  • Performing Initial YARN and MapReduce Configuration
  • Hadoop Logging&Cluster Monitoring

5. Load Data and Run Application

  • Ingesting Data from External Sources withFlume
  • Ingesting Data from Relational Databaseswith Sqoop
  • REST Interfaces
  • Best Practices for Importing Data

6. Manage, Maintain, Monitor, and troubleshoot of cluster

  • General System Monitoring
  • Monitoring Hadoop Clusters
  • Common Troubleshooting Hadoop Clusters
  • Common Misconfigurations
  • Managing Running Jobs
  • Scheduling Hadoop Jobs

7. Upgrade, Rolling andBackup

  • Cluster Upgrading
  • Checking HDFS Status
  • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes
  • Name Node Meta Data Backup
  • Data Backup
  • Distributed Copy
  • Parallel Data Ingestion

8. Conclusion & FAQs

Targeted International Certifications After this Course

Microsoft Technology Associate  (MTA) Certifications are accepted globally and will help anyone to standout from the crowd. Every student completing this course from Samyak is entitled for MTA certification by default.

Samyak IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and has international level acceptance for its certifications. Students from Samyak are given preference in placements as they have proper hands on job related knowledge already, that any industry needs these days.


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I had a great time and I learnt a lot throughout the course. I am thankful to the faculty for all their support and guidance.
Saurabh B.
Saurabh B.
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Very good experience with SAMYAK.Just completed my hadoop classes.. trainer is Really Great and friendly person. Thanks
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Soniya S.
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Samyak is the best place to learn Digital marketing course and computer basics .my trainer is very expierienced.all the concepts are well explained by trainer ,staff is very coprative.
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ajay P.
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I learned and enjoyed a lot in the class about CSS,Java,HTML,Jquery and bootstrap.Basically I belong to the commerce field and have a little knowledge about all these but after joining Samyak classes I gained a lot.
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Sakshi J.
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i am taking java with android from Samyak classes n my faculty is very good in teaching n the class room environment is very positive for learning new things..I will love to recommend this institute to all my friends for all the computer courses..
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Great Experienced Wid Samyak i am Learning Spoken English Gautam Sir Had a Great Experienced wid Faculty
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Faculty taught me in a very good manner so i could able to easily learn some complicated things also.
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i am student in Samyak my experience and knowledge about samyak.Samyak Institute is very Good And Also manegement Is Very Good In this Institute Have Computer To Learning And Facilities Good Trainers And Good Mem Thanks 😊
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Hitman “Baba” H.
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Samyak Classes is the most trusted institute. They are having all the team of experts for all the students.
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Tushar S.
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Best institute for IT professional training. My frnd enrolled for Android here & now i enrolled here for Software Testing. Professional Trainers & Live project based trainings are awesome here & also it is a great support from samyak that they are proving 100% placement assistance. Loved IT
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Jha B.
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I am learning Basic computer course in Samyak Computer Classes. 3 lines for Samyak
1. Good experience
2. Regularly practical training

Thank u
Pradeep Y.
Pradeep Y.
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Faculty is very hard working and focuses on every child. They are very dedicated towards their work. They make us to learn theoritcally as well as practically. The course was very productive and can even say the course was base builder.
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Piyush G.
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Hii friends my name is Sandeep i am completed by tally course at Samyak computer classes . i am very happy to join samyak coz i like to way of teaching. i recommend to every students to join Samyak classes.... Txxx Samyak...
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Sandeep K.
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It was a very nice experience learning C/C++ course from Gaurav Sir. He teaches with a lot of patience and clears each and every doubt that arises in the students' mind. This course seemed a bit difficult to me but I learnt it with a lot of ease. I would recommend people to join Samyak for IT training, especially the programming courses
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Shiv K.
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The faculty of the institute is excellent and the environment is good. I'm doing full stack web development and C language from this institute. the teachers are experienced and skilled.
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Sachin J.
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I joined web Desingning course here. Training was excellent. Trainer was very helpful. Am planning to take few more courses in future.
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Payal J.
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Hello, I was listen about Samyak Classes from my friend she tod me that there classes are very good so i go where, the atmosphere was really very good and labs are well updated I am very happy to get admission in Samyak Classes.
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The faculty is osmI came to the class already with some knowledge of the course, but learned a good deal more thanks to your classesThanks u so much ☺️☺️
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Divya G.
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I joined samyak for digital marketing course for my own business and trust me it was my best experience ever as a student with any of the institution in jaipur. Best faculty with absolutely advanced curriculum and most importantly one can take a leap of faith on samyak for their better future.
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Shruti S.
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My name is rohit I have done full stack in PHP course from samyak vaishali branch. It was great experience. here staff is very supportive. They motivate me for my career. Thankyou samyak.
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