HP Software Testing Certification Training Class

HP Software Testing Certification Training Class

HP Software Testing Certification Training Class

HP Software Testing Certification Training Class
HP Software Testing Certification Training Class

HP Software Testing Certification Training Class Objectives

HP Software Testing Certification Training Class

The course HP Software Testing Certification Training Class is most reputed course worldwide.
Objective of this course are :

  • Describe basic software testing principles.
  • Outline the process used to test business requirements.
  • Discuss a variety of testing model.
  • Perform GUI Testing with UFT
  • Record and Replay a script using UFT
  • Parameterize tests to run with multiple sets of data.
  • Create and reuse modular actions.
  • Create and use Checkpoints
  • Use the Object Repository.
  • Use the Object Repository Manager.
  • Identify the components of LoadRunner – the Controller, the Load Generators and the Analysis.
  • Load test your application by executing a scenario
  • Record scripts in the Web environment using VuGen
  • Measure steps and business processes using transactions
  • Parameterize scripts to vary user input data
  • Correlate scripts to process server-generated data

HP Software Testing Certification Training Class Contents

Introduction to Testing – 8hrs

Overview of Testing

• Explain the basics of testing
• Describe the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
• Provide an overview of several SDLC models
• Describe and apply the available types of testing
• Define White box and Black box testing techniques

Requirements of Testing

• Explore the topic of business requirements
• Build tests to cover requirements
• Describe the methodology behind building test rules and test cases

Test Execution

• Execute test cases based upon test rules
• Document results based on requirements
• Defects reporting

Measuring Success

• Summarize the Goal-driven KPI approach (SUCCESSFUL method)
• Build baselines
• Align goals with results

Non Functional Testing

• Define Non-Functional Testing
• The Sequence of Non-Functional Testing:
• Performance, Load, Availability and Reliability Testing

UFT 11.5 – 8hrs

Recording on the Sample Application
  • Identify the application under test (AUT)
  • Prepare the test environment
  • Create and execute basic tests
  • Understand Quick Test results
Working with Objects
  • Identify objects and their properties
  • Discuss basics of the Object Repository
Adding Synchronization

• Add synchronization steps
• Set Global Synchronization Timeout

Verifying with Standard Checkpoints

• Enhance tests with checkpoints
• Use regular expressions

UFT 11.50 – 8hrs

Using Parameters

• Use input and output parameters
• Create Data Driven tests
• Enhance checkpoints with parameters
• Automatic Parameterization

Building Multiple, Reusable Actions

• Create a Single Reusable Action
• Create multiple actions from a single action
• Use Global and Local Data Sheets
• Calling one action from another.

Significant Checkpoints in UFT

• Bitmap Checkpoints
• Text Area Checkpoint
• Image Checkpoint
• Page Checkpoint
• Table Checkpoint.

Using a Shared Object Repository

• Describe local versus shared object
• repositories
• Use the Object Repository Manager

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