Time to start your own e-Commerce business, with our E-commerce Certification couse

E-commerce Certification Course

Delve into the details of e-commerce management and building your own e-commerce portal in Samyak’s comprehensive e-commerce certification course.
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Sky's Limit in E-Commerce Certification Couse

by this E-Commerce certification course, We help you Create Unique Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow

Not Just one Dimension, we need to work in multi dimensions to make it work finally !!!

We help you Solve Real Problems by our E-commerce certification course

What All Will you learn in e-commerce certification course?

Social Media & SEO

Building Blocks of Any Business today !

Seller Registration Process

End to End Process to register on any e-commerce Website, eg Amazon !


Need to have security around any e-commrce platform, learn form the expert.

Website Strategy​​

What to do and what not to do when creating a new website.

Affiliate Marketing

Where all you can sell products , other than your own website.

Graphics & Creatives

Photoshop or Canva for professional images.

Registration on Amazon/Flipkart
1. Creating seller account
2. Verifying Seller Account Information
GTIN Exemption & Case Logs
How To Apply For GTIN Exemption
How To Add Products
1. How To Add Products
2. How To Add Variations in product Listing
3. Category Approval Process
Promotion Methods
1. How To Promote Your Products on E-commerce Channels
How To Advertise Your Products
1. Advertising Products
Order Management
1. How To Process Easy Ship Orders
2. How To Process Self Ship Orders
1. Amazon/ Flipkart Image Guidelines
2. Image Creation with Canva (designing Tool)
Shipping Methods
Types of Shipping Methods
Amazon Fba
1. What is Amazon FBA (fulfillment)
2. How To Apply For Amazon FBA
Seller Support
How To Contact Seller Support
Order Packaging Material
How to Buy Packaging Material For Your Products
– Implementing outbound links
– Driving traffic to the website
Payment Gateway Fundamentals
Optimization of products at various channels
Products Promotion on Social Media
(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
Optimised Website designing (WordPress)
Yoast SEO & RankMath Plugins
Affiliate Marketing Concepts
Cybersecurity for website

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