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This word Brain Key sums up the efforts of Multiple Intelligence Ltd, India which integrates people, processes and potential towards the betterment of mankind.

Brain Key is one of the services of Multiple Intelligence Ltd, India which is based on scientifically proven science and the biological science and latest computer technology together to unlock one’s full learning potential and hidden gifts. This Brain Key test will give you a new and accurate direction in your career.

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What is Brain Key Test?

Dermatoglyphics (derma = “skin”, glyph = “carving”) is the scientific study of Fingerprints. The term was coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis.

Dermatoglyphics is the study of the pattern on fingers and hands. These patterns are unique and are heavily linked with one’s genetic composition and are closely related to our nervous system. In the other words, Dermatoglyphics can reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents. Our Brain Key test is based on this concept.

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Theory of
Multiple Intelligence Test

The “Theory of Multiple Intelligence” Was Proposed by Prof Howard Gardner of Harvard University in 1983 in his path-breaking book “Frames of Mind” to redefine the concept of intelligence
All humans possess all Multiple Intelligence in ranging amounts. Each individual has a different sort of intellectual composition. We all can improve education and learning style by addressing 8 multiple intelligence of our students. These multiple intelligences are centered at different parts of the brain Lobes. Intelligence may either work individually or together depends on ability. All these intelligences will define the human personality types. Samyak is also associated with it.

Customer's Feedback

A wonderful & powerful tool..It was sheer amazement to see that all this information about my personality & traits could be gathered by mere finger prints.The counselling further helped me to hone my skills to my advantage and to understand and improve, with simple exercises, in the areas requiring more focus & attention..Thanks Brain-Key!!!

– Raman Chopra 

It was really helpful. Anyone who is dilemmatic about their career should get the help from brain-key!

– Tanya Sharma 

It is a unique way to know about the hidden qualities of ur kids..it is very helpful in to know the qualities and disqualities of kids and how to deal with them…its help me a lots..I’m following the instructions given by shweta during the counseling….thanks brainkey....

– Mahima Phalaswal 

Really thankful to Shweta for an excellent analysis and such a educative counselling abt my child… Its a great help to know anyone’s personality traits, esp strengths n weaknesses n moreover about how to boost or overcome them respectively! Hats off to dear Shweta! Its been a guiding light to me to kno my son through a whole new n totally scientific pespective!!!

– Nalini Mundada-Rathi 


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