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Electrical Engineering & Electronics

Power Generation, Management. Simulation and Automation

Can’t assume a life or even an hour without current, and what it takes to generate and manage current is Electrical. Chips & Automation is all Electronics. For this purpose, Samyak brings this Electrical Engineering course

Courses in Highest Demand

Electrical Enginnering

“Learning from the data is actually universally valuable. Master it and you will be welcomed anywhere in technology world.”

PV Solar Energy

Photo Voltaic Solar Energy - Practical Knowledge of this highest demanding course.

PLC SCADA - Industrial Automation

Everything in industry is automated through PLC and monitored through SCADA.

MATLAB Simulation

Failures are not acceptable and affordable at many places, so better simulate as if its in real time environment and test.

Distributed Systems

Electrical Engineering's most demanding course now a days.

Entry Point and Survivals

Electronics Courses

It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career.


VLSI using VHDL language and practical knowledge thoroughly.

Embedded Systems

Embedded C is Programming language based on C and can do real magics.

PCB Designing

Print Circuit Board, as name suggests include some chemical, coding and Chip Designing.


A Readymade Platform for Electronics Programming and with the help of kit, do wonders.

Rasberry Pi

Python is most advanced language and all automation these days happen through this.


Various technologies and making Robots, in depth course on Robotics.


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