Top 6 Reasons Why You Face Obstacles In Learning Programming Languages

Programming Languages problems naturally occur when someone is considering a career change or is involved in software development and is curious about it.
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It’s natural to think that your ambition is a non-starter if you’re not good at Programming Languages. It’s part of our human skills that anyone can do, but it needs to be trained.

When you look at this list and are convinced that you are really going to get sucked into Programming Languages, you are probably going to do something else with your time. The following list will allow you to know if you are being pulled into Programming Languages — and what you can do to change it.

Lack Of curiosity

You will never succeed as a programmer if you lack curiosity about computers and how technology works.

If you don’t have a technologically curious mind, you won’t have the energy to acquire the vast and in-depth knowledge you need to become a good programmer. It needs an intrinsic motivation for you to immerse yourself in and learn everything you can.

Lack of autonomy and simplicity

You will never succeed as a programmer if you don’t develop the ability to solve problems on your own. This is indeed a basic life skill-no one is obligated to tell you anything if you are over the age of 18. It’s a fact. Having to type anything you want into Google and the skills you need is the first hurdle to overcome if you want to master the technologies you need.

It’s like to use a dictionary – you use it when you see a phrase that you don’t know. This is all true. Push yourself to Google when you have a problem reviewing documents before looking for feedback from someone else.

Lack of Patience in Facing the Problem

The core of Programming Languages is problem-solving. You will face a whole “pile” of problems any time you start working on a system. You are making progress, but you are always facing new issues.

If you feel that things should “just work”, then you don’t have the energy to keep up as the issues go on and reduce your emotional resolution a bit. If you can gain understanding through these challenges, you can quickly find that you are more relaxed than the average student because you have encountered and solved more problems.

No Sense of Success in Solving a Problem

If after solving a problem you don’t feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, you’ll never excel as a programmer. You lose touch with the excitement that comes with overcoming a problem while fixing bugs and issues that become a treadmill that never ends.

It is similar to the video game experience of completing a level or solving a challenge like crossword and sudoku. But if you have lost the ability to feel those feelings, or have not really cared before, you will not be able to experience Programming Languages bliss.

Every time you solve a problem you are dealing with, however small it may be, always be proud of your success, take a break and congratulate yourself for doing well.

Training and Knowing Impatiently

If you are impatient to learn and are expected to do all this quickly and easily, then Programming Languages will never really be effective. While your world is moving faster and faster, and computers are a major reason for this, we can only move as fast as we can.

The modern universe is like a vast ocean. You will always feel pressured to “catch up” if you exhaust yourself and think that you never know enough. Instead, you have to enjoy yourself in the journey of learning. Alternatively, you need to enjoy yourself on a learning journey. Yet knowledge is cumulative, so be proud of what you know, and believe that all your learning efforts will form a strong knowledge base for your career.

Tired of Thinking

Programming Languages is an activity of thinking. If you do not use it, it is harder to maintain capacity over the period of focusing on a problem.

You will get tired while Programming Languages and thinking literally burns physical energy just as our bodies are exercising. But the more you do it, the stronger it is, the more you go to the gym. By putting the pieces together and developing mental concepts, it becomes much easier to find solutions.

Bonus: Business-Oriented

Students want a “working app” to push them forward on their business idea, they “want to get to market first,” and they want the learning curve as a barrier to their business goal.

Instead of discovering and enjoying a legitimate knowledge domain, they see technology as a means to an end. They will scramble to find resources/templates to get a client’s project to work, or outsource the work to someone else.

So I just want to say that students who want to start a business will fail more than others to gain advertising skills, networking and programming skills for business development.


The list above has approaches that meet along the way, but most people can overcome them and do Programming Languages — if not mastery. Keep the above list in mind and start searching for resources available in leading institutions that can help you move quickly. You will not regret it.

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